News & Notes

By Marcia Finberg

Hello All!

We had a wonderful time dancing to "Pulse" yesterday in class (Camelback Village, Sunday).   We will be dancing to a variety of routines for the rest of the month --  maybe "Magic"...maybe "Dragon"...Casey will surprise us!

I hope you all got the email about the White Belt intensive we will have here in Phoenix.  We will split it between two weekends in November.   In a lot of ways, I think this is an ideal format.   It will enable us to digest what we have learned and move forward a little deeper.   I will be there!  

I hope you will as well.   

One of things I love, love, love about NIA is that we dance at our own levels.   The idea is to continue to grow body-mind-spirit, but not to injure yourself by pushing too hard.   For example, I have a friend in NYC who told me that she has spent two months rehabbing a rotator cuff injury sustained by working out on the TRX at a "boot camp" gym.  Her husband is an orthopedic surgeon!   (#embarrassing).   And it can get worse!   As the article below discusses, if you push yourself beyond your body's capabilities, you can develop rhabdomyolysis. Which can be deadly.

So, yes, give 100%.   But as Casey always tells us: "YOUR WAY".   

In Joy,

Marcia Finberg