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 In The Valley

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Combining 9 movement forms, Nia tones your body while transforming your mind. More than just a workout, Nia is a holistic fitness practice addressing each aspect of your life - body, mind and soul. Through Movement We Find Health!

Sundays 11am                  The Camelback Village

P. Casey Maples                4444 E. Camelback, Phx.

609.647.6762 cell/text


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Saturdays 11:00am           The DC Ranch Village
Betti Ahmed                        18501 N. Thompson Peak, Scottsdale

281.389.9165 cell/text     

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Fridays  9:00am                                         Red Mountain Ranch Golf Resort
Debbie Kindoll/Michelle Rene'                 6425 E. Teton Circle, Mesa 
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White Belt Training in the Valley

with Loretta Milo

Forming NOW for Nov. 2018

contact Loretta@lorettamilo.com

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